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Re: [swikig] [Semediawiki-user] Creating Triples Anywhere in a SemanticWiki ''

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  • Subject: Re: [swikig] [Semediawiki-user] Creating Triples Anywhere in a SemanticWiki ''
  • Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2007 20:22:27 -0700
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So if you already are moving to where you can create triples on forms
independently form a page, then I have what I'm asking for, more or

The remaining question is:

"how to square this with annotating natural language in wiki pages."

Don't know the answer to that one. If people really want to do that as
well as on forms, then it is tricky.


Michael Uschold
M&CT, Phantom Works
425 373-2845
michael.f.uschold AT boeing.com


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Sent: Monday, April 30, 2007 4:39 PM
To: Uschold, Michael F
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Subject: Re: [Semediawiki-user] [swikig] Creating Triples Anywhere in a
SemanticWiki ''

Uschold, Michael F wrote:

> Exactly. Of course you don't want three independent copies of the
> same triple three different places. It could be in one place, (e.g. a

> triple store of some sort).
> If you are on a page describing the property, or the subject or object

> of the triple, then the wiki can go find the triples when it shows a
> page, and present them, so they are virtually in three different

Semantic MediaWiki works this way. It parses annotations on the subject
page, stores them, and allows querying so that:

* You can put inline queries on pages where you want to show facts from
* Version 0.7 now automatically shows triples using a predicate on the
predicate's page, e.g. http://ontoworld.org/wiki/Relation:Written_by,
and there's a code change to show triples on the object's page as well.
* ontoworld.org editors quickly developed an {{ask}} template that
would use domain-specific knowledge to put inline queries for relevant
facts on many kinds of pages.

IMO the obvious "place" for facts to live is on the wiki page for the
subject in the triple, especially in a wiki where editors write natural
"born in [[Little Rock]] and married to [[Hillary Clinton]]..."
, etc. that lends itself to in-line semantic annotation. Everything's
hyperlinked so you can easily navigate to the subject and make edits.

But as Wikipedia increasingly uses templates to express facts, e.g.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template:Infobox_Country , then taking
users to a template editor that edits triples independently of pages
also makes sense. I just don't see how to square this with annotating
natural language in wiki pages. A triple navigator without natural
language is not appealing to an average Web user, and having to write
query/transclusion syntax just to make sentences like
"born in Little Rock and married to Hillary Clinton..."
appear in pages is not appealing to an average wiki editor.

Has anyone (besides Ted Nelson's mind :-) ) written an editor UI where
you can drag parts of existing triples into sentences, and select part
of a sentence and turn it into a triple? That would be an amazing
solution to this problem. As you're writing about [[Germany]] you see
all the existing triples referencing it and can drag them in at will,
and you can create new triples as you type.

Regards and pardon my abuse of ontology terminology :-)
=S Page

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